Beer Pong League (Tuesday 23-05-2017)
Beer Pong League (Tuesday 04-07-2017)
Beer Pong League (Tuesday 03-10-2017)
Beer Pong League (Tuesday 31-10-2017)
Beer Pong League (Tuesday 21-11-2017)
Beer Pong League (Tuesday 23-01-2018)
Beer Pong League (Tuesday 13-02-2018)
Beer Pong League (Tuesday 13-03-2018)
Beer Pong League (Tuesday 10-04-2018)

About Us

Beer Pong Amsterdam is here to connect students from all over the world in an easy and entertaining way. Make new friends (and enemies) during one of our many beer pong related events, and win some great prices! What we offer:

Wall of Fame – Check out who are the best beer pong teams that would make you drink until your last cup

√ Tournaments – What are the best beer pong tournaments that you can join in Amsterdam?

√ Parties & other events – Every party is better with beer pong, check out all the parties where we are hosting or hire us for your own event

√ The official house rules – Download the rules from our website and never end up in a fight with your friends anymore

√ The best trick shots and coolest video’s – Follow us on Instagram to check out the best beer pong content (@beerpongamsterdam)



Private event

Want to play beer pong at your own private or group event? Whether it’s your birthday or bachelor party, or a big party for your student association, we can help you!  Please fill in the form to give us an idea of what you are looking for and we get back to you!

Wall of Fame

Team Demmo

Team Quebz

Uilenstede 69ers

Rednose 2000

Een Lening Is Geen Schuld

Team Tall

Team anTIquila

Team Queso

Imaginaire Eenheid

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