It’s time for another Special! This time DJ Mollie had the honor to curate it. He chose to dig into some of the best records of one of his favorite labels; PIV Records. Founded in 2015 by Dutch DJ / Producer Prunk, the label has put its stamp on the Dutch music scene. With their unique combination of classic New York and Chicago House fused with new elements, it’s nearly impossible to keep your feet still.

We sat down with DJ Mollie and asked him what PIV Records means to him.

1. Why did you choose this theme?
The Amsterdam-based label and their tracks gave me a lot of strength, energy, and joy during the last year and lockdown. The mixture of Chicago house and the instrumental melodics makes my feet move with every beat.

Their sound and tracks gave me so much energy last year and are one of the main reasons I survived the first lockdown with a smile on my face.

2. What does PIV Records mean to you?
PIV and their sounds taste like a cold white beer on a summer evening around the campfire at the beach.

A PIV record a day, keeps the doctor away

3. At which moment did you start getting into PIV Records?
I really fancy and like the sound of the magicians of Apollonia. Two years ago they were booked at Overwinteren Festival at the PIV stage. I can’t remember that I left the PIV stage that day because I was blown away by the sound and the artists that played. For me, that was the moment I really fell in love with the label.

4. All-time favorite PIV record? 😉
Prunk – Through the Walls

Check the mix here: